General Landscaping Maintenance

Keeping your landscape maintained makes your home look well-kept and your greenery healthy. The landscaping and lawns of Arbor Homes are designed for easy maintenance just like your house. Lawns and planter strips accent your Arbor Homes property, but like all living things, they require some care. There are a few things you can do to your lawn and planter strips to keep them looking nice and neat.

Landscaping Maintenance Requires Fertilizer

Your lawn and plants need to be fertilized 2-5 times per year to keep them healthy. Dead branches on shrubbery should be trimmed, but not until after they have bloomed in the spring. Knowing the type of plants that you have in your yard will help you take better care of them. In Arbor Homes communities, the common areas are maintained for you so you only need to be concerned about the maintenance of your landscape.

Landscaping Maintenance and your Lawn

You will likely need a small electric or gas-powered mower. Even a robotic mower may be suitable for your lawn. Mowing your lawn on a regular basis will help keep it healthy and give your home a neat and tidy appearance. It should be kept trimmed to between one-half of an inch to one inch for optimal growth. Cutting a lawn too short can burn the grass, leaving brown dead spots.

Make sure that your mower’s blades are sharp for a better cut and that you do any necessary trimming with a string trimmer. Lawns can be quite easy to care for and give you a place in the sun to enjoy. It is ideal to aerate your lawn in the fall and add fertilizer for a healthier lawn in the spring.

Maintenance of your Micro-Irrigation System

Many Arbor Homes have at least some micro-irrigation systems installed. With this system, you can give your shrubs and trees the proper amount of water without soaking concrete and barkdust that wastes water. Lawns and plants require different watering schedules, and micro-irrigation helps with this landscaping maintenance task. Most sod areas will have traditional spray heads due to the shallow roots, although each yard condition can vary.

Even though temperatures don’t often get below freezing in Portland, your irrigation system should be winterized to prevent damage. A burst pipe on your irrigation system can cause damage to your planters, lawn, and even your home if the pipe is near and left unattended. The water should be shut off and drained, and preferably blown out with compressed air to evacuate the water. A qualified landscaper can do this service for you, winterizing around the end of October, and turning it on again around the beginning of April.

Do you have any Questions about Landscaping or Maintenance?

If you have questions about landscaping maintenance of your Arbor Homes property, call us today and one of our representatives will help. We built the home you live in and we want to help you keep it beautiful for years to come.