Dennis Sackhoff - President and Chief Executive Officer

Dennis Sackoff
President and Chief Executive Officer

Responsible for day-to-day operations of the Beaverton-based Arbor Homes, Dennis Sackhoff – Arbor President and co-founder – brings 30+ years’ experience in the home building industry. Sackhoff’s vision, expertise, and pragmatism have helped solidify Arbor’s strong local brand with architecturally appealing, master-planned neighborhoods featuring homes of distinctive quality in every size. Dennis’s commitment to evolving with and implementing the latest in new construction standards, energy efficiency and consumer needs have kept Arbor at the top in local new construction.

Todd Likens, Arbor Homes Chief Financial Officer

Todd Likens, JD, CPA (Inactive)
Chief Financial Officer

Todd’s financial and legal background provides a unique combination of skills that keeps Arbor on solid financial footing today and into the future. Todd assumed the role of Chief Financial Officer in August of 2009, and successfully guided Arbor through one of the most difficult financial environments the home building industry has ever experienced. As a CPA and former tax attorney, his skills provide Arbor with a depth of knowledge and background that few home builders enjoy. Prior to joining Arbor, Todd worked for Deloitte’s real estate practice, and spent several years in the mergers and acquisition field with a subsidiary of Xerox Corporation. We are so glad that he chose to join the Arbor family.

Todd is a long time resident of the Bethany community and enjoys the lifestyle that it allows. In his spare time he enjoys running and spending time outdoors with his two young children.

Sandro Guerrero, Director of Construction

Sandro Guerrero
Director of Construction

In this competitive market, what sets us apart is an unflagging enthusiasm for delivering products of a higher caliber. We are proud to call these Arbor Homes. For nearly two decades, Sandro’s intelligence, discipline, and passion for constructing expertly crafted living spaces has been a considerable asset to our excellent standing as a trusted local builder. He is devoted to constructing homes the right way and never cutting corners. Formerly a mechanical engineer, Sandro has applied his precision, keen organizational skills, and an unquenchable curiosity to learn the latest developments in building science. These essential qualities help Arbor meet the demands of an ever-evolving market to deliver structures that are environmentally efficient, more cost-effective, and ultimately a better investment. Above all, his creative foresight to get into the mind of a homeowner and envision the place they would like to come home to has guided many key decisions that go into each unique construction project. This personal touch endows our products with an individuality our buyers have certainly recognized and even revered.

Sandy Van Dorn - Arbor Homes interior designer

Sandy Van Dorn
Interior Designer

While Arbor Homes takes great pride in crafting solidly constructed homes, we also strive to offer the latest in contemporary interior features. Sandy has been instrumental in understanding the finishing touches that resonate most with discerning homebuyers. With over twenty years of experience, she continues to cultivate her innate talent and tasteful eye for inviting decor. Sandy’s meticulous ability to curate timeless yet current features has been neatly encapsulated in multiple package options. These run a gamut of styles ranging from contemporary, traditional, transitional, to craftsman. Her work has been featured in Luxe NW magazine. In 2011, she won Best Interior Design, Best Kitchen, Best Home Furnishings, and Best Master Suite in the Home Builder’s Association of Metropolitan Portland’sStreet of Dreams.” Sandy has been persistent in her dedication to staying on the cutting edge of finishes and consistently delivers the sought-after looks our homes are known for.

Jennifer Walsh & Scott Paskill - Arbor Homes interior designer
The Way Home PDX, LLC
Scott Paskill and Jennifer Walsh
Licensed brokers in Oregon
Premiere Property Group, LLC

Jennifer Walsh
Real Estate Broker

As a Realtor since 1999, I have experience selling and marketing both existing properties as well as new home construction. I am inspired by the idea that inside the walls of every home, families create the memories of their lifetime. Being able to help you find the place where these memories will be made is what drives me to create the best experience for you. My business philosophy is based on service, integrity and exceptional professionalism. I have represented Arbor Homes since 2007, managing several new home communities. Their commitment to local, high quality and responsible construction is outstanding. It is an honor to be a part of the team!

Scott Paskill
Real Estate Broker

My industry experience includes new home sales, sales team management and brokerage ownership. Whether you are buying or selling your home, I am dedicated to making your transaction go smoothly. With experience as a licensed broker since 1996, I will be on your side with hard work, consistent effort, and patience as I help guide you through a winning negotiation. Through a large part of my career, I am proud to have worked with local builders. Arbor’s dedication to delivering quality homes while standing behind their product strengthens the community and provides local jobs. This makes representing them an easy choice for me.