Arbor Green

There are many smart, resourceful practices Arbor employs to protect the integrity of the homeowner's investment. These practices not only make good sense, they contribute to the overall long-term health of neighborhoods and the environment-a win/win for everyone involved. The Arbor philosophy for sustainable building incorporates the following three tenets.

Financial Health

As professional homebuilders, Arbor has a solid understanding of the elements critical to maintaining the long-term integrity of a home. By maintaining a focus on these key factors, Arbor can build the kinds of homes that not only retain their value, but also appreciate in value.

  • Timeless architecture
  • Extremely durable roofing and siding materials
  • High-efficiency gas furnaces and water heaters that save resources and energy dollars
  • Interior materials such as stone and wood that endure the test of time
  • Quality plumbing fixtures from Moen and Kohler
  • Efficient vinyl windows installed with a state-of-the-art technique to ensure lower energy bills
  • Tyvek house wrap over well-insulated walls
  • Fiberglass exterior doors that are durable and energy efficient
  • Ongoing maintenance of landscape and neighborhood infrastructure
  • A professional warranty and ongoing customer care

Physical Health

Creating interior environments for healthy living is an Arbor Homes priority. Our building methods and building materials, including finish materials, are selected for quality. Those who have special sensitivities or allergies may wish to take advantage of additional environmental options.

  • Arbor builds for energy efficiency
  • Moisture control during construction prevents mold
  • Moisture tests conducted on framing lumber
  • Low VOC paint options for optimal indoor air quality
  • Natural stone and wood products to prevent off-gassing
  • Whole-house ventilation options to control air quality
  • Abundant natural light
  • By protecting heat vents during construction, dust and debris can be kept out of ducts and the furnace, which improves air quality at time of move-in

Environmental Health

Arbor is extremely conscientious about maintaining the infrastructure of its neighborhoods for purposes of environmental health. The following itemizes the specific details we attend to as a commitment to homeowners in Arbor Homes neighborhoods.


  • Efficient allocation of developed land preserves as much natural landscape as possible
  • Storm water management cleans run-off from roofs and streets before it reaches the ground water table

  • Erosion control measures minimize top soil loss during constructionCommon trench system unifies installation of electrical, gas, cable TV, and telephone lines, Walking paths, Open green spaces, Landscaping - garden mulch boosts water retention and disposed of non-recyclable materials


  • ENERGY STAR qualified appliances
  • Energy efficient heating and cooling
  • High-efficiency building "envelope" reduces the amount of fossil fuel used for heating and cooling
  • Low-flow showerheads save water
  • Sealed access points improve energy efficiency
  • Engineered siding and interior trim is manufactured from industrial waste
  • 100 percent of the construction waste that can be recycled is recycled
  • Green recycled and recyclable carpet

Additional Environmental Options

Many homeowners wish to go the extreme distance to make their homes perform at the highest levels of efficiency. These "extreme green" options should be requested and integrated into your plan when making your decisions at the Arbor Design Studio.

  • Tankless water heaters
  • 98-percent efficient furnace
  • Central vacuum system
  • Low VOC paint
  • Special "green" carpet choices
  • Whole-house ventilation options
  • Zonal heating/comfort heating
  • Fluorescent light bulbs
  • Electric air cleaner
  • Porcelain tile and natural stone